About Flight Level Aviation, Inc. 

Advanced Instrument Training

In a nutshell, Flight Level Aviation, Inc. provides custom, initial and advanced instrument training for single-engine and multi-engine piston airplane pilots.  Training can be provided in any combination of a student’s airplane, Flight Level Aviation’s Cessna P210, and/or Flight Level Aviation’s full-motion advanced avionics simulator.   Custom recurrent training programs are available for any single-engine or multi-engine piston IFR pilot. Flight Level Aviation’s training programs are approved by most insurance underwriters as equivalent to recurrent training from the larger simulator-based training companies; however, Flight Level Aviation has a unique mission/philosophy which includes:

  • Custom Training  – All training programs include a combination of ground instruction, simulator instruction, and flight time in any combination per the needs of a particular student.  Rather than adhering to a rigid classroom/simulator schedule, our instructors are glad to adjust the training schedule to take advantage of weather opportunities or particular student interests. 
  • Actual IMC Training – Weather-permitting our instructors encourage training flights in actual IMC weather to gain practical experience in the system.   Flight Level Aviation's location in Southwest Pennsylvania is ideal for instrument training since training can be provided in all 4 seasons and also in terrain varying from the flatlands of Southern Ohio to the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Training is available in a student’s airplane or in Flight Level Aviation’s well-equipped Cessna P210. 
  • Combined Simulator and Aircraft Training – Flight Level Aviation uses a full-motion advanced avionics simulator to complement flight training. The simulator is also available for solo proficiency practice at the completion of training or for future instrument currency practice. The combination of in-flight and simulator training provides the “best of both worlds” advantage to safely practice and/or simulate as many emergency scenarios as possible.
  • Significant hands-on flight practice -- Whereas other, major simulator schools may offer only 2-3 hours of simulator or flight instruction per day plus pre-programmed videos or lectures, our instructors set up a custom training scenario up to 10 hours per day made up of of a student's choice of flight time, simulator time, and/or ground time.  Ground time is always spent personally with Richard or our instructors on topics relevant to your experience level and aviation missions. 

About Richard Kaplan CFII/MCFI/AME/ASC

Richard Kaplan CFII Cessna 210 TrainingFlight Level Aviation, Inc. was founded by Richard S. Kaplan, an FAA-certificated pilot for over 12 years who is also an instrument flight instructor and FAA Aviation Safety Counselor.    Richard retains a very active role in managing all operations of Flight Level Aviation, and he personally instructs Flight Level Aviation's advanced single-engine IFR students and P210/T210/210-specific training.  In addition to extensive experience in the Cessna 210/T210/P210 series, Richard has experience flying the Mooney M20C, various Bonanza models, and most Cessna and Piper single-engine aircraft.  Richard also holds a B.S. Degree in Engineering Science.

Richard frequently flies Flight Level Aviation’s Cessna P210 on practical cross-country flight, like many single-engine instrument pilots. You will have the ability to learn about single-pilot single-engine piston instrument flight first-hand from an experienced peer who regularly flies practical missions in this aircraft type.   Richard has a history of over a decade of accident-free practical cross-country instrument flight with his family.   This makes Richard particularly qualified to offer Cessna 210/T210/P210-specific training and single-engine recurrent IFR training so that single-engine IFR pilots can learn from an instructor who regularly flies mission profiles similar to theirs.

Richard is also an aviation medical examiner and conducts flight physicals as part of his medical practice (Uniontown Medical Rehab PC); his extensive experience in both aviation and medicine is particularly helpful in teaching pressurized Cessna P210 pilots about the medical and aviation factors related to single-engine pressurized aircraft operation.

More than anything else, you will no doubt recognize Richard’s high level of enthusiasm for single-engine general aviation IFR flight and the energy with which he approaches flight instruction. Many of Richard’s students have become long-term friends and email pen-pals (see Student Feedback) – If you email an aviation question to Richard at night, you might even get a reply back the same night at 1AM!

As of August 2003, Richard is proud to have been designated as a Master CFI by the National Association of Flight Instructors.



About Paul Dawson CFII

Paul Dawson CFII is a Bonanza owner and CFII and a retired engineer.  He holds a BS Degree in aeronautical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has a particular interest in aerodynamics and airfoil design.  This makes him ideally suited to teaching our upset recovery and introductory aerobatics course in our simulator, as well as providing IFR recurrent training and intitial IFR rating training in a wide variety of single-engine aircraft.

About John Lovingood ATP/CFII/MEII

John Lovingood is a 25,000+ hour retired airline pilot and CFII/MEI who has an extensive background flying or instruting in a variety of single-engine and multi-engine aircraft.   John's flight experience includes time in the DC-9, MD-80, B-757, and B-767 as well as a wide variety of piston general aviation airplanes.  He is even a gyrocopter instructor!  His broad experience thus qualifies John to offer both single-engine and multi-engine recurrent training, as well as 10-day instrument rating instruction.  

About Joe Zieglar CFII/MEII

Joe Zieglar is an amiable and experienced CFII/MEII with experience in a variety of piston aircraft from Bonanzas to the J-3 Cub.  He is a first officer on an Embraer Regional Jet and is excellent at applying this experience to simulator instruction.

About Cessna P210N N102KY

Flight Level Aviation’s Cessna P210 (N102KY) is impeccably maintained and is well-equipped with redundant equipment for safety as follows:

  • Bendix-King RDR 160 Radar 
  • TKS Known-Icing from Flight Ice (www.flightice.com
  • Backup Electric Attitude Indicator 
  • Backup Electric Directional Gyroscope 
  • Dual Alternators 
  • Strikefinder Thunderstorm Detection System 
  • King Digital VOR/DME/ILS with RNAV 
  • Northstar M1 Loran 
  • Digital Engine Monitor 
  • Digital Fuel Totalizer
  • Garmin 430 IFR GPS crossfed to Garmin 296 handheld GPS

  • Avidyne EX500 multi-function display equipped with:
  • XM Weather Datalink
  • Terrain Database
  • RDR 160 Radar Indicator
  • CMAX Electronic Charts



N102KY is based at Waynesburg, PA airport (KWAY) between Pittsburgh, PA and Morgantown, WV; instruction  can also be provided from any other nearby Pittsburgh or West Virginia airport, although the full-motion flight simulator is located only at KWAY.

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