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Out of State CFI Opportunities


Flight Level Aviation seeks CFIIs from across the U.S. who have in-depth, expert level knowledge of a specific piston airplane type (single or multi-engine) to develop type-specific training programs to be taught on a part-time or contract basis -- relocation is not necessary.  This is an outstanding opportunity for a CFI with very detailed knowledge of a particular airplane type.  Please contact for more information. 


Local Pittsburgh CFI Opportunities

Flight Level Aviationís full-motion advanced avionics simulator is available for independent flight instructors to use with their students. Fly or drive with your students into KWAY (by appointment) to offer this enhancement to your flight training program. As an FAA certifiable Level III Flight Training Device (FAA application currently pending), use of this simulator will qualify for the following Part 61 operations:

61.109 Private 2.5 hours out of 40 hours flight time 
61.65 Instrument 20 hours out of 40 hours instrument time 
61.129 Commercial Not more than 50 hours out of 250 hours total flight time 
61.156 ATP Not more than 25 hours out of 75 hours flight instrument time 
61.65 Portions of Instrument Check Ride 
61.57 All 6 approaches required for Instrument Currency (with a CFII or IGI)
61.57 All or part of the Instrument Proficiency Check (with a CFII)

This simulator is an extremely cost-effective way for you to offer instruction in advanced avionics operations (with multiple IFR GPS systems and an electronic HSI) and to practice emergencies which are difficult to do safely in the airplane, i.e. night-time engine-out IMC approach, engine failure immediately on takeoff, multiple systems failures while IMC.

The simulator also provides a legal way for a current CFII without a current medical certificate to sign off an instrument-rated but non-instrument-current pilot for an Instrument Proficiency Check.   A CFII without a current medical certificate would not be able to sign off such a student for an instrument proficiency check in an airplane.

Richard is available to provide an initial checkout appropriate to an individual instructorís needs/experience before an independent instructor schedules his own students.     Depending on scheduling needs an instructor simulator checkout may be conducted in a group setting.    

Please email  for further information.


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