Challenging Instrument Approaches

Flight Level Aviation’s full-motion advanced avionics flight simulator has a Jeppesen database containing all instrument approaches in the U.S. This allows for a number of unique training scenarios, beginning with an introductory instrument approach into a student’s home airport and culminating with a series of challenging instrument approaches for the highly proficient instrument pilot.

Richard has a collection of what he feels are the 30+ most challenging or most educational instrument approaches in the U.S. These approaches include the following:

  • Missed approach to a backcourse in high mountainous terrain
  • Approaches with multiple primary navaids
  • “Rare” approaches including LDA, LDA/DME, SDF
  • Approaches with non-standard initial altitudes
  • Curved DME approach with no straight-in segment
  • Nonstandard GPS approaches

This set of challenging approaches is certain to be both educational and fun for the proficient instrument pilot – and for the highly proficient instrument pilot, we can throw in some systems failure on the simulator as well!


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