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Chelton FlightlLogic EFIS Simulator

Flight Level Aviation is pleased to announce the availability of Chelton FlightLogic EFIS training.    We have now completed construction of our new desktop Chelton EFIS simulator.  This "glass cockpit" or "Highway in the Sky"  simulator -- pictured below -- includes two actual functioning Chelton EFIS displays, a yoke, rudder, single-engine or multi-engine throttle controls, electric trim, autopilot with altitude hold, audible terrain alerts, external visual display, and external nav tuning.   This desktop simulator is not yet certified for logging flight time but nonetheless can be used in a very realistic and effective fashion to fly any instrument approach in the U.S. and learn all normal and emergency functions of this simulator, including failure of the Air Data Computer, AHRS failure, GPS failure, and analog nav failure.

For helicopter pilots who fly a Chelton EFIS system, we can also configure the Chelton sim with a Bell JetRanger flight model, again as a non-loggable but very worthwhile training tool to practice all of the Chelton EFIS features, including the unique Chelton hovering vector.

Training uses a syllabus customized  to each pilot's needs and can include orientation sessions for pilots considering transitioning from traditional instruments to the Chelton Highway in the Sky EFIS system as well as initial or recurrent training for pilots who own a Chelton EFIS system.  Training sessions can also be combined with Flight Level Aviation's full-motion flight simulator

EFIS simulator training is available both in Waynesburg, PA and also on-site at a customer's home or business throughout the U.S.  The cost for training in Waynesburg costs $500 per day (8AM to 5PM) using any combination of the Chelton EFIS simulator and the full-motion simulator.   If two students attend together in Waynesburg the cost is $375 each per day.  Training at a student's location costs $1,000 per day plus time/expenses for instructor travel. 

Group Training is also available at your location -- please inquire for details.


Chelton Simulator Training

Please email for further information on this new training program.


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