Deadstick Approach Tutorial Software


Deadstick Instrument Approach Tutorial for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Now Available for Online Purchase for $29.95

 Includes $49 Discount off Registration for
Full-Motion Simulator Training!

Flight Level Aviation announces the release of our first in a planned series of advanced IFR flight training software titles.  Our “Deadstick Instrument Approach Tutorial” is now available online for $29.95

The Deadstick Instrument Approach Tutorial demonstrates how you might use your avionics to successfully glide to an on-airport landing after suffering complete engine failure in low IFR conditions.  You may practice the deadstick approach at a random location or at your own home airport in any weather of your choosing.

Included is a coupon for $49 off full-motion simulator training. 

Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (not included in purchase)



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In order to purchase this software please  purchase it in our online store by clicking here and note the Username, Password, and CD Key.  Then with the Username and Password and CD Key you may download the software from this page  to install the Deadstick Approach tutorial.  (Please Note: Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, which is not included in purchase)



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