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 Flight Level Aviation is the ONLY Full-Motion Sim Training Program to Offer up to 8 Hours of Sim Time Per Day!
and The ONLY Sim Training Program to Offer a Type-Specific Syllabus Customized to Your Airplane and Goals!
and the ONLY Sim Training Program to Integrate Simulator and Airplane Training!

All This at a Very Reasonable Price of $375/Day Each For 2 Single-Engine Pilots

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Cessna P210 Simulator

Major Simulator Upgrade Completed February 2006

We are pleased to announce that our full-motion simulator has just completed a major upgrade which substantially increases its ability to realistically simulate both VFR and IFR flight.   The new simulator upgrade includes:

  • Photo-realistic scenery of the entire U.S. -- see more screenshots here
  • 3-Axis Autopilot
  • Aerobatics Mode in Motion Base for highly realistic unusual attitude and upset recovery practice

 The new simulator upgrade allows us to expand upon our longstanding goal of customizing the  simulator experience to be realistic for each pilot's level of experience, aircraft, avionics, home airport, and typical flying destinations.  The new visuals are particularly realistic in practicing VFR engine-out procedures and locating emergency landing locations or airports just as you would do in an actual emergency.

As always, the simulator includes a 6-degree-of-freedom motion base, 3 IFR GPS units, and a Sandel electronic HSI.  The simulator is unique in this regard as an advanced avionics simulator and has therefore attracted pilots from all over the U.S. and as far away as Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, and Africa and has been very positively reviewed by several major aviation periodicals.  

Have you ever tried inverted attitude recovery in windshear while in IMC?  At night?  Partial panel?  At low altitude? Can you tell the difference in a twin between engine failure and asymmetric flaps?

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      Training topics include:

  • Cessna 210/T210/P210 Type-Specific Training
  • Advanced IFR Training for All Piston Single/Twin Airplanes
  • Combined Airplane and Simulator Training
  • Training in Actual IMC
  • Advanced Instrument Training
  • Advanced Avionics Training
  • Glass Cockpit Training
  • IFR GPS and Electronic HSI Operation
  • Pressurization
  • Turbocharging
  • Known-Icing
  • Spherics
  • Portable and Panel Weather Datalink Operation
  • Digital Engine Monitoring
  • Practical Single-Pilot Piston IFR Weather Analysis

  Cessna 210 Simulator

As of August  2003, Richard Kaplan is proud to have been designated as a Master CFI by the National Association of Flight Instructors.

Cessna T210 Simulator

Flight Level Aviation is proud to have its recurrent training program approved for an insurance discount through the Avemco Safety Rewards program.  Past students have also received insurance underwriter approval for Flight Level  Aviation's recurrent training programs from most other aviation insurers, including W. Brown, USAIG,  AIG, and Aerospace, among others.  Please inquire for details regarding insurance approval of our training programs.

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