Panel Upgrade for N102KY (March 2005)

Garmin 430 Training

Avidyne EX500 Training

Cessna P210 Training

Advanced IFR Training

Flight Level Aviation is pleased to announce that the panel for N102KY (a Cessna P210N) has now been upgraded to allow in-flight teaching and demonstration of advanced avionics.  The new panel features a Garmin GNS 430 IFR GPS linked to a Garmin 296 battery GPS with terrain advisories, as well as an Avidyne EX500 multi-function display with CMAX electronic charts and weather datalink, Strikefinder, backup alternator, dual electric/vacuum attitude indicators, and dual electric/vacuum directional gyros.

Coupled with the existing equipment in N102KY's panel, this allows Flight Level Aviation to provide instruction in a wide variety of basic and advanced IFR navigational and operational equipment, including:


  • TKS Known-Icing
  • Pressurization
  • Turbocharging
  • Weather avoidance with Radar vs. Spherics vs. Weather Datalink
  • Advanced Navigation (IFR GPS with multi-function display)
  • Traditional Navigation (VOR, ILS, VOR/DME RNAV, Loran, ADF)
  • Emergency Navigation (Portable GPS)


Cessna 210 Training


Cessna 210 Training


Cessna 210 Training


Cessna 210 Training


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