Upset Recovery Training
Introductory Aerobatic Training

in Full Motion Simulator

upset recovery aerobatics training

Do you know how to recover from this situation?


upset recovery aerobatics training

Or this?

February 2006

Flight Level Aviation is pleased to announce a half-day upset recovery and introductory aerobatics course utilizing our full-motion simulator.   This course may be scheduled as a standalone or may be added on to IFR recurrent training or type-specific Cessna 210 or Bonanza Training.  The course is taught by Paul Dawson, CFII, an aeronautical engineer and experienced instrument instructor who has a particular interest in stall/spin aerodynamics.

This course utilizes custom motion software specifically written for Flight Level Aviation to work with the highly acclaimed X-Plane software package.   With this unique system you can:

  • Explore unusual attitudes in both VMC and IMC conditions
  • Recover from unusual attitudes with both full and partial instrument panels
  • Explore stall/spin characteristics with varying centers of gravity and aircraft weights
  • Experience basic aerobatic maneuvers including loops, rolls, spins, and wingovers
  • For advanced students or homebuilt pilots -- Design your own airfoil with X-Plane and bring it to our full-motion simulator to fly it in full motion!


Note:  This course offers an introduction to upset recovery and aerobatics and includes training in techniques which cannot be safely taught in an airplane.  It is quite realistic.  However, with the aeroabatics flight model used in the simulator you cannot log this as aerobatic flight time; it is considered to be ground training only.  This is meant to supplement airplane-based training and is NOT meant to qualify a pilot for solo aerobatics in an actual airplane.  That said, the course should be of considerable interest to pilots of all experience levels, including both those who have never attempted aerobatics up through experienced aerobatic pilots.


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